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Counting Omer 5780, Day 20

Yesod ShebeTiferet Foundation, Establishment, Setting The Foundation, Fundamental; Foundation upon which the Divine One Created the Universe within Elevated Beauty, Balance, Integration, the Unexpected, Miracles, and Order; the intersection of Khesed and Gevurah.

Quality: Mutuality and bonding through compassion

What is your relationship to your giving? Yes, all the ways in which you gift, from the physical (kisses, handshakes, hugs, pats) to emotional (compliments, praise, lauds) to spiritual (showing up, being present) to the material.

Which gifts are transactional? Given out of sympathy? Guilt? Obligation? Begrudging? Gratitude? Generosity?

Which are compassionate? Mutual? Given out of a deeper wish for the individual or cause?

There is nothing wrong with giving out of sympathy unless it is accompanied by judgment and a sense of superiority.

Those gifts satisfy our ego and not much more because it is usually disdain masquerading as sympathy. To be clear: if you are giving to an individual while you are in such a state, they will know it. That type of smile always comes across as a sneer.

When we give from a place of mutual respect connected to a deeper wish for the individual or the cause, we are tapping into the deepest part of our humanity and partnering with the Oneness. We say yes to the bonds we share as partner with the Source of All Life. In those moments, we are living foundational righteousness, adding to the strength of the miraculous web connecting each and every one of us.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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