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Counting Omer 5780, Day 21

Malkhut ShebeTiferet

Shekhinah, Majesty, Sovereignty, Exaltedness, Humility; Union of Opposites; Paradox, and Limitation within Elevated Beauty, Balance, Integration, the Unexpected, Miracles, and Order; the intersection of Khesed and Gevurah.

Quality: Unending Compassion Unending Grace

It is said that when we praise and or bless the Divine One, Blessed Be The One, Shefa – emanations of Divine Energy – flows like a fountain over us and over all around us and around all around them... Through our davvening (praying) kavana (sincere direction of the heart), we spread, widen, and specify the direction of portions of that flow. Since there are always people praising and blessing Oneness, the flow of Shefa is boundless and plentiful. Our own praises add generates its own shefa, adding the energetic and healing energy for all.

The endless supply of shefa has many manifestations and is not dependent on our awareness of it – it just is:

  • Tired and needing just a little more energy, drop into the feelings and feel the Oneness recharge you.

  • Distraught or irritated and needing soothing and or patience, drop into the feelings and feel the Oneness hold or rock you.

  • Grateful, celebrating, and already dancing with the flow, meet the joy in Oneness and spread joy to others.

Grace (Divine Favour) and Compassion (Divine Lovingkindness) are always accessible.

Even at our worse, we are worthy. When we love ourselves in those horrible moments, we turn our soul toward Oneness with the desire for connection, we receive the Grace of connection. Soak it in. Once full, direct it to others you know in need and beyond, whether you know them or not. Don’t worry about names – the Oneness knows. Don’t try to hold the moment. Be the moment. Experience your deep ache meeting Unending Compassion Unending Grace.

We have now counted two weeks of Omer.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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