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Counting Omer 5780, Day 26

Hod ShebeNetzakh

Exquisite Beauty, Splendor, Glory, Vigor, Magnificence, and Pomp within Eternity, Forever, Splendor, Perpetuity, Endurance, Long-Lasting, and Spiritual Victory.

Quality: Experiencing Grace

I frequently use dancing as a metaphor, and a story that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg shares in her book "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy" shows why. She talks about being at the Bar Mitzvah of friend’s son and getting on the dance floor. She started dancing, but after a minute or so, she broke into tears. Why? It was the first time since her husband died that she experienced joy. Dancing, literally and metaphorically, is the act of physically experiencing our emotional body.

When Life has been difficult, there is a moment when one knows: "I’m going to be okay" or "I’m okay!" When Life has been good, there is a moment when one knows: This is good!

We do not reach such moments on our own. We arrive at them after some period of time of being in close relationship to our suffering. That occurs when we cease to argue with how life is instead of how we want it to be. Only then, can we grieve what we lost in the present as well as our dreams for the future.

Walking the path of surrender, grief, and being in relationship to our suffering we notice all there is to notice. Initially, much may not move us.

Taking care of ourselves is a routine but we don't really notice ourselves, until we do. Then, we genuinely take care of ourselves, and allow others to care for us.

We welcome joy and beauty to keep us company on our journey. We especially appreciation the surprise dopamine boost they bring.

How do I know its grace? There is a change in my being. The world seems brighter. I’m aware of my body. I experience deep feelings of gratitude or peace or openness… I feel blessed… that is grace, or at least the best description I can offer.

You’ll know it when you experience it. Why? Because you won’t be the same person afterwards.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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