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Counting Omer 5780, Day 31

Tiferet ShebeHod

Elevated Beauty, Balance, Integration, the Unexpected, Miracles, and Order, intersecting Khesed and Gevurah within Exquisite Beauty, Splendor, Glory, Vigor, Magnificence, and Pomp.

Quality: Humility and healthy selflessness

I used to find it difficult to comprehend humility. Most of the examples I saw or experienced involved someone with power making it clear to another and or to me that we not only had no power, we were less than.

I now know that spiritual humility is deeply trusting that one is connected to something greater than oneself. We release ourselves from our narrow place (ego) and who we think we are, enabling us to be on the path to becoming, being.

My journey over the last few years created amazing opportunities to experience humility as releasing myself from superficial constraints that prevent me from being fully present, doing what I know is right action, raising my voice when one or more makes it clear I need to shut-up (Okay, those of you who know me can stop laughing). When I submit to the pressures of the physical world that demand compliance, I am valuing only myself. Worse, I am devaluing my contribution.

When I release myself from the self-created prison of anxiety, fears, and being a “good girl”, I willingly enter the unknown because I know Who is with me.

In that moment, I am present: no judgement, no complaint, no opinion. Endless grace, endless empathy arises. Whether reviled or appreciated I know it is not about me. I know this angry person, sad person, happy, or joyful person is related to me. This experience of humility moves me and keeps me present. This experience of humility is the means by which I am enough, even if all I am doing is bearing witness.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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