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Counting Omer 5780, Day 35

Malkhut ShebeHod

Shekhinah, Majesty, Sovereignty, Exaltedness, Humility; Union of Opposites; Paradox and Limitation within Exquisite Beauty, Splendor, Glory, Vigor, Magnificence, and Pomp.

Quality: Dancing Shabbat!

If I could,

I would dance into and throughout Shabbat!

Moving dramatically and imperceptibly

To the inner and outer rhythms of the





Divine Guests

Pausing now and then to note mood of the Great Presence

So I could bend, sway, bow, twirl or stir a limb

In such a way as to please

The Name of All Names

Though I am not a toe dancer,

I would find a way to climb to the tips of my feet

To meet the Presence without and within

To feel what is up and bring it down

To greet what is low and bring it up

To create the balance

In such a way as to thank

The Giver of All

For all that I have received

For all that we have received

If I could,

I would dance into and throughout Shabbat!

We have now counted five weeks of Omer.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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