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Counting Omer 5780, Day 37

Gevurah ShebeYesod

Limitations; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional Strength, and Boundaries corresponding with Awe within Foundation, Establishment, Essential; the Cosmological and Mystical Foundation upon which the Divine One created the universe.

Quality: I am not responsible for you and your emotions

About a week ago, an organization that shall remain nameless circulated an add on Facebook about communication during these tough and stressful times with partners. I was not impressed. So, I rewrote it: "If you experience me as doing or saying something wrong, please let me know. If you feel hurt by something I’ve said or done, please – make me aware of it. If I didn’t listen well enough, tell me again – including what you believe I missed, and I will try to understand. If you experience me as being insensitive to your needs, to your desires, or to your thoughts, tell me so that I may consider them.

"Lastly, if I experience you as holding an attitude because you believe I'm not listening, being insensitive, or thoughtless, I will do my best to hear your pain. I will do my best not to take, personally, any judgment you speak or criticism you direct towards. Again, I will do my best to hear your pain. I will ask if we can try again. After all, like you, I'm only human."

Knowing where one begins and another ends, is important. Each of us is capable of saying or doing something that delights or inspires, hurts or angers. Most often, none of it is done with intent. And, there's no enlightenment in making one party wrong and the other right.

Yet, it is important to take responsibility for how our words and actions are received. This reflection is not in isolation. It corresponds to the quality discussed for Day 36: I am responsible for me and my emotions in response.

Any mess that is created requires the involvement of both (all) parties. If you’re willing to see it through, a lot of missing sparks will be returned to the universe!



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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