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Counting Omer 5780, Day 42

Malkhut ShebeYesod

Shekhinah, Majesty, Sovereignty, Exaltedness, Humility; Union of Opposites; Paradox within Foundation, Establishment, Elemental; the cosmological and mystical Foundation upon which the Divine One Created the Universe.

Quality: The Holy Spark within you

The Divine One, blessed be The One, is Holy and brought us out of Mitzrayim/Egypt to be our God and for us to be the Eternal’s holy people; Priests, Priestesses, and Kohanimot.

The Holy One, blessed is The One, established God's Mish'kan/Santuary within us because the Eternal sought to see God's reflection within us so that God's soul would not reject us.

Each of us is holy.

The Divine expectation is that we are to:

• Take care of ourselves so that we can tend to another, others, and creation.

• Love ourselves compassionately so that we can love and be compassionate with our families of blood and choice, our neighbors, our co-workers, our communities, the circles of people who make our lives possible… with the generous and open heart with which we love ourselves.

• Respect the holiness within us and cultivate our spiritual life so that we can tend to the holiness all around us and grow into the person the Eternal needs us to be in this world in this moment.

We are not expected to be perfect because no one is perfect. Yet, we are expected to perform Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World).

We can strive to be the best we can, especially in tough situations. We can nurture the holy spark within ourselves and another. We can extend courtesies without the expectation of reward. We can delight in, and express gratitude for, another’s courtesies toward us. We can appreciate the mirror another presents of a part of ourselves with which we are uncomfortable. This is an opportunity to heal. We can be with the varied ways that Life shows and use all we know to heal ourselves.

When we cherish and honor the holy spark within us, we are illuminating hidden sparks and calling them into this world to aid healing, to bring wholeness.

We are ordinary and extraordinary.

We are the children of the Holy Blessed One, blessed be The One.

We have now counted Six Weeks of Omer. Can you feel the mountain calling you?



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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