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Counting Omer 5780, Day 3

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Tiferet ShebeKhesed Beauty, Adornment, Integration, and mediation within Lovingkindness, grace, compassion, benevolence, loyalty; a quality central to Jewish ethics.

Tiferet is also the intersection of Khesed and Gevurah

Quality: Open inverted equilateral triangle. Awareness of and connected to all; receiver and channeler.

When I know the world is my cushion, I bring meditative mindfulness to this moment without worrying about the next moment, which only becomes my concern when it arrives. I feel my At Oneness with all as the inverted triangle above showers beauty, grace, harmony… into my waiting triangle below. Though I am the receiver, I am also the channel, the dispenser – not of wisdom, but of connection through listening to the emotions beneath the content, the questions behind the questions.

I am not passive or unmoved in this place. I am Rumi's Guest House. I giggle with joy when a baby gives me an unsolicited smile. I feel nostalgia, listening to another’s story about a time long ago or yesterday. I feel anger, joy, disappoint… all moving through me without me identifying with any of them. Each guest knows it is welcome, and this is the acknowledgement, the grace that allows each to move.

Listening. Pausing. Listening. Pausing. Listening; hearing the invitation to go deeper into what could be a rabbit hole of overwhelming feelings.

Yet, I am not overwhelmed as the feelings I experience are welcomed guests, teachers, guides. I am the listener, the namer, the holder of the container for receiving – not the fixer.

I feel joy and sorrow dancing with one another, exchanging turns to lead and to be led... Everything is exquisite. Everything is no thing. Everything is all thing. Oneness is every thing and every where.



© Sabrina Sojourner 2020

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